Monday, June 29, 2009


As Engineering students we used to omit a lot of topics while studying. There use to be lot of options for questions in the examination paper, so we could get through by studying only a subset of the syllabus. But ever wonder how medical students might be handling this situation .. Can they afford to study a subset of the syllabus just because there are options in the paper ?
I have never seen a doctor saying to a patient ..."Look mate, "leg" was a very tough topic to study, so I had skipped it ... cant help ya ! Sorry!"
And I guess thats the reason doctors need to prove their qualification from time to time , as Jerry Seinfled says "Only doctors have their certificates on display in their cabins... Its like they are saying "Well you better believe I am an official graduate, check my certificate on the wall if you want to!!" "


  1. Nice One :) I agree with you on this. We certainly give a whole lot for option which doctors cannot afford. Which makes me think:- What if a doctor operated on you and then told you I was the last in my class and had failed twice :) .. Guess that would kill you if nothing else did ..

  2. Yeah man, I always wonder what to the low ranker doctors do ?! I feel there should be a threshold set..and all the doctors having rank below the threshold should be listed out. And this should be a global list made public so that we can quickly run through it the next time we see a new doc ;)

  3. Do not worry the low ranker set doctor's are sitting comfortably in the government hospitals!
    And the last line was excellent!

    Man you have a knack for writing!
    Just update ur template that's it, your blog will be super cool!


  4. Thanks Pawan!
    I am a dead duck with those templates ..
    too lazy to even try ..but you have motivated me for sure my friend ;)

  5. ur posts r cool,funny and truly original dude...

  6. Thank you :) Glad you liked it! Seems you are a die hard kaamal hasan fan :)