Friday, June 26, 2009

The Erection

I was surfing the web and thought of checking "why a building is called a building and not a "built" or something ?!". And I found a very funny answer on a forum which said "Why not call it an "erect" ?" .People would be seen saying "I just moved to a new erection !". Rotflmao. Wonder how this originated ? Maybe...the first building was never completed, maybe it went on for years and years which lead to the present continuous verb for it.


  1. ha ha, nice theory behind building!

  2. Glad you liked it ;)

  3. LOL.
    Another example: The erection in x road is the tallest!
    I live in the erection behind the erection s.
    Cool. Words and associations!!!
    Interesting and quirky!

  4. :D How about "I want to have an erection right here...between all these tall erections, ... so lets start erecting this erection of ours, before other erections erect " ;)