Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ever wondered whether you see the same color as green; as your boss sees it ? Its relative isnt it. (I know in case of boss no matter what color he sees, you will agree with him.. but thats a different case altogether).
Maybe what you are seeing as green may not be what others see, but it maybe the case that they have a different definition of green. So it can be - what we both might see as green can be very different to our eyes! But since we are bought up defining this as green - so we are calling it as green. Maybe a blue to me is a green for you and vice versa . And the funny thing is we cant verify this !
To me this is Relativity !
Einstein was always right about Relativity i guess. Everything is relative :)
Give it a thought ..
PS: btw I have no particular bias for green!

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