Thursday, June 17, 2010


Imagine life was a daily soap ..

(AJinkya typing .. )

T h i s

 i s

 m y

 f i r s t

 p o s t 

 a f t e r 


 o d d

 m o n t h s .....

(and you must be wondering why so many spaces between the keys typed ?! Its a daily soap damn it ....

this was a major event so director shot my typing as a slow motion sequence and rotated the camera around me showing my face from time to time and zooming in with pauses.)

I want slow motion shots in my life too where I can watch the person in front of me for 5 mins (at least!)

... And my mom wasted her energy all these years slapping me 5 times for my misdeeds!

Just one slap and the director would have taken care to rewind and show it 5 times ..

I would have loved to see the scene paused and shown from all angles when I broke the window glass and stood dumbstruck in front of my dad.

... Long silence, his face, my face

his face, my face,

his face, my face .. (3 mins passed) ...long silence (+1 min). Paaaaat! (tight slap) ... I fly in air with the impact, ... scene stopped in mid air - I have an astonished look on my face -

again ....his face, my face,

his face, my face,

his face, my face - i am in mid air, he has not budged....

.. sudden outburst, he packs a punch on my face and i fly back towards the sofa! Bang!

These soaps wont run a month if slow motion shots were not allowed. And let alone the fast forward wrap up they do if the series is asked to close down. They will show enemies becoming friends, separated

couples come together first season girlfriend comes back and marries the hero (mostly cause the lead actress has already left the soap!) ... and they happily live ever after.

And the fact that people discuss these daily soaps as real life happening is as unfathomable as the fact as to why the hell does superman wear his underwear outside his pants!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mom and The Idiot Box

I love my parents and they love me too. Parents are a unique species. They think everything bad is because of you upto an age where you start earning.
When I was a child, the event of a flower pot breaking was always associated with me - "You had something to do with this, didnt ya?" mom used to go. Cracking of windows, she didnt even care to ask that question. Her thinking out loud - "Sigh! Where did I go wrong in bringing you up ?!" ... was always followed by me - "Ma, its not you, its me!". (Well I guess modern day break-ups have something to do with these childhood situations ;)
But the worst stare from my mother (and well.. sometimes father) used to come when we both used to be watching a movie and in comes a steamy kiss scene or a scene with the actress (heroine if you are a bollywood freak!) under an eco-friendly oath with a strict no-clothes regime.
The parental look was a killer one! It was the one saying "Look what you have done! How can you do this to us." ... God! I always feel guilty as if I had directed the scene and my mom just found out.
Why do we feel this guilt i have no clue, but the stare just makes us feel that we are the culprit.. the whole "cultural system" is going down cause of us!.
I used to dive for the remote control to switch the channel but the odds of finding it before the scene was over were way too low anyways. And by the time I got to the remote control the scene was over. Such pity, I missed the whole scene in the control hunt, ended up changing the channel just when the actors were done, and my mom gave me a look which said "you should have been in the industry with such drama skills of i-am-not-able-to-find-the-remote-control-damn-it! and you find it only when the actress gets up the next morning for her breakfast eh?".

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To SnK (read as SnK and not SrK pls!)

(This ones for Ketaki!)
My friend introduced us to his to-be-wife today. (I mean he introduced us "today" ..not his "today's wife" :P )
It was like "these are the guys you gonna have to bear with for your life now" ..I guess that was the reason we had no other girl-friends in the "meeting", so that she would have to pass the test of being the alone girl in the group .. it was all about how she copes with the pressure of we being around! (For the records - she is a sweet-heart and did alright in the test. And to top it all she hates the kkkkkkhan too .. which was a moment for celebration ..dont worry I am not going to end the post in these braces..)
It was fun for us to see who are going to be the new members of the "circle".. Fun for us but she had an expression ... God I am going to feed these guys on weekends ?! These guys will be hanging around my place .. nooooo!! (Trust me I know that expression ;)

We wanted to know everything in the first meeting itself! what she likes, dislikes, favorite movies, sports, .. in the heat of the moment I even asked her "Can you sing ?" ... I ran for all the forks on the table .. she was so gonna stab me!

Long live the two.