Friday, August 28, 2009

Pride and Prejudice of the Car Window

Have you ever looked into a car at the signal standing besides you with those tinted UV film windows? You are on your bike in the scorching heat fighting with the sun and this guy sits in the car reading some dumb business magazine - which btw for your information is just a style statement, you doesnt know a shit about whats in there, he is just skimming through the pictures in the magazine as we would do as a child through whatnot (if you know what i mean)!
It like this window separates us from the 2 worlds - the world of air-conditioners and the world of misery. Its like a wall between the cold and the hot air, a wall which separates the bald business man from the mortal common man.
And this guy sits there in his comfy seat and smiles at you - that smirk, that simper which often silently says "If only you had worked a bit harder ... you would have been on the other side of the window!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Virus

As a kid I always longed for remembering birthdays but given the fact that I was never a punctilious guy, I always ended up forgetting birth dates of dear and close. This really made me sick and then over a period of time I just evolved into a brassy guy who was taken for granted that he will forget the dates. But people didnt mind, I was let off the hook with a "never mind, thats his childhood problem, was never a memory prodigy".
And from that day my friends, the quest to end up with 365 friends begun! I want to find 365 near and dear people having distinct birth dates. The intersection of their birth dates should be a null set (cant help with the mathematical jargons).
And mind you, your girlfriend or wife should be one of these 365 people. So the day when you cant remember whom to wish a "happy birthday" today -- mate, you need to turn to your wife and greet her "happy birthday darling". Ingenious and perspicacious aint it ?! A complete solution to all the date recording problems - brb, need to go file a patent for this ;)
Just the 29th feb one will be a tricky one.
But do you see the advantages of it, you wont be bored a day after retiring. You will look forward to each new day to wish someone and to talk to someone (maybe after an year's gap when you last talked to him/her!)

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


I can never fathom the use of nails. I would have spent at least 0.0005 percent of my life cutting my nails. And the hand ones are useful, at least for a selected use cases, but what are the nails on the feet doing ?! Why do we need them ?
If the evolution theory says that humans lost their tail as a part of the evolution process cause they didnt use it much, then why are the nails still growing and growing and growing ?
Man! we lost to the damn fish too! It was successful in growing fins after being extinct for some years, but we! we couldnt even shed of the nails. Nails are fine, no problem with them - but why the heck do they grow !?
After the 20th century, evolution has made us grow a waist to adapt to the low-waist jeans we wear compared to the ones of 70s where people used to dress their pants on their chests. I bet the shirt length was trivially small in that period of human history. The threshold was 3, you were allowed to display only 3 top buttons of your shirt above the trouser. Such high was the trouser dressed!
With the low-waist jeans picking up these days- according to the evolution theory we may end up having a waist at a place where our knees are today like a Dachshund! (provided we evolve :)

The Cream And Scum Of Blogging

Well blogging has become a morbid mania as such these days. People like to express themselves, they prefer writing a blog rather than maintaining a secret personal diary of events. I still remember those old day college cinema which showed the girl hiding her private diary from the hero. But not the case any more .. the sari is replaced by bum-shorts and a tending to negligible top and so is the personal diary replaced by public blogs!
I guess the new "style statement" is to reveal ... reveal whatever you can, whether its the personal events you log or the tongue piercing you have (belly ring is outmoded btw).
I still cant fathom why people share such a huge amount of their personal experiences or problems on the blog, which is mostly due to having low friend-count. The idiot box is replaced by the super-idiot-box - the com-puter.

PS: this post was to support the blog-a-ton initiative by some innovative people out there who are keeping "quality" blogging alive rather than letting it die as people write pages and pages of day-to-day life., which I feel only losers are authorized to read ;)

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