Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Professors are like Coal.. only difference is that the probability to get a Diamond on hitting it is Nil.
I had a professor. We used to call him G-man. Trust me he was unequaled to He-man or Superman. He was a league apart. Unparalleled for his time killing. He had an unimpeachable I-am-too-cool-to-work attitude.
I feel he should be allowed to wear a cape... He isnt not super cool to wear that. A cape with a college emblem
But beware if you need to talk to him or consult him .. he has a tight schedule -
Comes to college around 11am - walk to cabin - switch on PC - walk to canteen - tea at canteen - walk back to cabin - check mail - lunch - walk to canteen - 2 hrs lunch - a walk around department after heavy lunch - a quick nap at desk - chat with hod on things-you-shouldnt-know - some more tea at canteen - some more walk with colleagues - some more nap - some more chats - drive back home.
With so hectic a schedule , no wonder he doesnt find time to update his profile on our college website !

He was so senile that we used to consider him as a Doctorate. Dr. G-Man the chosen one. But he was cool as a cucumber with students. A man with such talent, he was uninterested in materialistic joys of life! Was never interested in failing students. He console us prior to exams - " Dont worry even if the paper is tough, I am going to check it and not anyone else. Just worry about the practicals cause I will have to ask a dummy examiner from industry to conduct the viva...(with a gloomy face) cant help you guys there ! :("
Heard there is going to be a new branch in our Engineering college. Like Gnosticism they are planning for "Ghoticism" (named after the great prof of ours - Dr. Ghot..)

Such was our super hero - our G-man - Cometh the moment cometh the man ..Dr. G-Man!


  1. good one Ajinkya..
    We all have a great respect for G-Sir. It was bcoz of him that we all successfully cleared our Sys-pro, OS, Adv Unix Subjects.. :)
    he is the only prof. in the world who can give marks without correcting the paper(though sometimes the weight of the paper is taken into consideration)...Even if u dont study at all you are bound to pass in his Subject..
    I also remember him getting the highest feedback score in the whole college 4.6/5.0.. :)

  2. The Prof was also popularly known as Dr Sam.
    To add more facts he even had secretory who used to do all his work.
    He was extremely popular because of his no load attitude.
    I would like to end this comment with the line he said on his first introductory lecture...
    "Best Of Luck for your exams" :P

  3. Whoa!
    Dr.G-man has earned respects from my side without me even meeting him!
    Seems like God to me, lets hope, I meet profs like him in my college life!

  4. AaanAaan, that aint happening .. cause he is one of a kind !