Sunday, June 21, 2009

Socio Socializing

One thing these social networking sites have done is that they have enabled you to dig into someone's past. Or if you see the other side of the coin it helps you to log your present which you can go through in the future. With someone asking me what I was upto this time 2 years before then I can get back to my facebook account and check my scraps/wall.

Lets go 20 yrs down the line and see how things will shape. Your son will come upto you and ask, "Dad who was Julia! Was she your girlfriend ? ..I saw her testimony in your account!" OR "Dad you looked great with that girl in bikini when you were in Vegas :O" and with that I need not explain the look your wife will give you.
...But our generation is not that lucky to have our parents' social/web profiles on these sites. Wouldnt it be great to take a sneak-peek into their past life ?!
I hope 20 yrs down we wont be scrapping each other under the same roof.. else we would find scraps saying "Honey, could you please change our son's diapers ? .. he just peed next to me"
"Sweetheart why dont you do that yourself? The diapers are in the second drawer in the cupboard of the room I am sitting in .."


  1. Nice one again :)

    Actually your peek into the future will definitely come true I think. Me and my friend living in the same building many times used to keep in touch through Yahoo! chat !!

    And looking into the scraps 20 years back will be quite cool .. only for nostalgia sake though and not the scenario which you mentioned :) .. Actually try to go through yous scraps / wall posts right from #1 .. They're quite interesting to read :D

  2. Definitely ! The personality change will reflect through these scraps/wall posts too i guess .. the maturity will reflect too ;)
    Like they check the girl's/boy's background before an arranged-marriage, it wont be long before they actually scan through their social networking profiles \m/