Thursday, June 25, 2009


I always wonder why people whisper when they need to talk to someone who they can see but is too far to talk to. I mean, dont you think screaming if nothing else will help their cause ...rather than whispering?..
Have you seen someone 10 stories up talking to a person on ground in a whisper waving hands suggestively? Saw a man, imitating a Pizza eating routine to a guy far away. He was asking him to bring back a pizza for him.
They were around 100m away ... The man was whispering along with the hand gestures "Can you get me a Pizza ?" .. . Whispering?! And who are you whispering to ? I mean the sole motive behind these hand gestures is that the person is beyond the hearable threshold permitted by physics, ..and you whisper ?! Sorry to say Sir, but you are defeating the motive here ! ... Or maybe humans cant just gesture with their hands .. the nerve going to the hand and mouth in the brain may be connected in some fashion such that there is a single bit as their input. So either both work or none does. No wonder girls have that nerve strong.
This scientific or psychological phenomenon is so peculiar that I wonder how a guy 50m away from another another suggest there is a fire here pls call the fire brigade ... obviously he will whisper " ... you still dont understand you damn fool...there is a fire the fire brigade!" and of course will be waving his hands bottom to top imitating fire..
And as the above 'physiopsycho act' utterly undigestable, so is the uncomprehended act of 'shuuushing' a child to pee.

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