Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have a singular theory that every quarrel, an argufy or altercation can be explained by a single word. Broken relationships, battles, sadness everything. One word. Everything explained.
..."Expectations" is the word. I broke up with my girlfriend - cause: I expected her to be some way which she wasnt. She broke up with me - cause: she expected me to be a Stud! (which for the matter of fact is debatable btw!)

Is expecting to expect that someone wont expect you to expect, a sin !? I really wanna know ...

You say "I hate that person" reason :you expected him to be of a particular kind. "Frequency match" is just a suave way of saying that "He does not match my Expectations".

I go to a dinner invitation without taking anything(gifts/wine/desserts) with me. The host is upset rather than happy to see me !?.. Excuse me, isnt it an invitation for the dinner ? The Society is a very complex organization which works in more mysterious ways and on rules which are stranger than God. God atleast follows logical rules. But no! ..the society has to work on "expectations" is unaware of rational thinking.

Every where you will see expectations. Expectations, expectations, expectations .. Father expects from a son. son expects from mother, wife expects from husband, boss expects from employee, traffic police expects from you, you expect... aaah, are you really left in a position to expect !?

You are expected to bring gifts to bday parties
to wear coats to interviews
to swim only in swimming costumes
to hold a door for a lady

...and if you dont do so ? ..then you are in deep trouble my friend! You are about to be ostracized.

Imagine this world without expectations ! You can go and sit in boxers in office. You can bring your girlfriend to the office to sit next to you... You wont be expected to gift her either ! World will be one peaceful place to live in. And they talk about anti-terrorism for peace ..phrrr. The root cause is terrorists expect a lot... lot of money lot of luxuries lot of land,
Subtract "expectations" from this world and you will be left with a Wonderland ..

A friend reviewed this entry for me. "So..?" I inquired to sooth my intriguing sole on which he replied "Well, cant expect anything from you hence forth..I have quit expecting !!"
I expect he meant good compliments... else he is gonna have one from me! Peace.

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