Friday, June 19, 2009

Shave the Shavings pls!

Shaving is a funny thing. As if men had less things to worry about, they have to check the hair on their face everyday ?!
Ever video tapped yourself shaving ? You get a wide variety of faces made to the mirror. No wonder we evolved from apes.
We still got the genetic gift of making faces ! Shaving gives us a platform to showcase our skills in making faces.
I always end up cutting my sideburns uneven... "Aah this side is a bit long .. let me trim more.. uuum this one looks a bit narrow"
Gaah! by the end of this creative session I am left with small mutton chops which imitate a tap coming out of a tank.
Gradually with the conversion of the beard over the face, this tap seems to pour out water !

Sideburns(initially Burnside) got their name from Ambrose Burnside who had a mustache which connected the sideburns.
These kind of art pieces are like saying that I have 2 parts of my face. One does the talking and eating while the other helps me to see and smell.
Its like an indicator of level on the face. You can immerse me in water only till this level .. if water goes above this , I cant breathe !

Imagine women having mustache and beard. "Oh I just got a french cut! It goes well with my red lipstick! "

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