Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Someone else.. theory

Everyone knows what is right in a difficult situation, but only when, only when, only when - someone else is in the situation. I am always perplexed to see how any tom dick or harry can speak great words of wisdom for someone who is in trouble. He himself may do all the crappy things in life, but when it comes to advising friends - this very guy who left his girlfriend cause she asked him to brush his teeth regularly in the morning will suddenly turn into a mother Teresa and advice "My friend, you need to show some maturity, even though your girlfriend spent the night with another guy.. you have to understand her and not leave her."
Another thing which i am always bewildered about is how one feels great relief and comfort if someone else (say a friend) was in the same bad situation and they share their experiences. For instance, a friend of mine was hurt as his long distance relationship didnt work out. He talked to another friend of mine and he said he faced the same long-distance curse and mentioned that these situations are tough and its better to end things rather than stretch them. My friend 1 was so thrilled that his depression sublimated and vanished in a giffy. And my friend 2 felt proud that he had consoled my friend 1. But that is not the truth. Being a friend 0 of these 2 idiots, I will tell you the truth behind the depression-sublimation effect. Rather than that friend2's words of same experience being comforting, it is the fact that some one else had gone through this misery and God didnt chose only me to suffer this --that is more comforting than Yanni's melodies!

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  1. My gawd! What an analysis! The last line is particularly striking - ". . . comforting than Yanni's melodies." How on earth do you come with these quirky similes. Amusing read.

  2. :) Thanks Susan. Its always a pleasure to read your comments, cause they are never bland and convey exactly what you feel :)

    I am glad I can write things which interest you!

  3. :-)
    The pleasure is mine as always!

  4. very nice post. i tink u shld distance urself from those 2 idiots :). Ppl like tis always bug no ? Like we dont have enough things to worry bout :).

  5. perfectly analysed!!