Saturday, September 5, 2009

Height of Spitting

Is it normal or is it just me whose first instinct is to "spit" when looking down from a height (or a tall building) ?! Is it natural to have the feeling of "how will it feel to spit from this height? I have never done that from the 7th floor! How will it feel ?"

They say "One who spits against the wind, spits in his face" ..but spitting down the building is safe i guess.. no one has said anything about it!

There are some instincts and urges you have as a child but most of them fade away as you mature. You dont feel no more to experiment how the glass will shatter if I throw this rock towards it. But this urge to spit from a height peeping down is irresistible. How come it is so natural that the moment I peep down my terrace, there is a strange movement of molecules in my mouth who scream let us out you moron. Its like my mind sends signals "Battalion Saliva lets march to the front of the tower gates towards the teeth and the tongue; we have a situation here!" And the saliva goes "Roger that!".

I bet Newton must have had this urge which lead to the discovery of "Gravity" cause God has his reason behind every human urge .. aint He ;) ?! Who thinks that the dumb apple will cause someone rule the thought of how-it-tends-to-fall-down-than-up-damn-it over the thought ooo-juicy-free-fresh-right-from-the-tree-apple-lucky-me ?

(Leave a comment to clear this doubt of mine if you have ever had/ never had this urge!)


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  1. An unexplored topic for a post...a very good question to be asked in Sach Ka Samna....guilty of doing it as a kid ,got a good scolding from ma but it was fun.

  2. Thanks Sam.

    Lol. I have just heard of that series on television .. never saw it, couldnt stand the embarrassment caused by Kambli to the God himself Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about. And I've done it too. Lol

  4. Hey!
    Whatta topic is this!
    I never got the urge but has once seen a small boy who started spitting from 2nd floor of my flat without hearing his mom's advice!
    Curious Kids!
    Again a post based on Sach ka samna's question!!

  5. I never had the urge to do this!
    will keep away from u, if i see u on the terrace :D
    I might have buried that urge so deep under when I was young, that I don't remember of having it anytime.
    Felt grossed out while reading this post :)

  6. @McKenzie - I am glad that I am not the only one who feels this way! Phew!

    @Shruti - I really need to check out this series on television which everyone is talking about :)

    @Vedika - Yeah, you need to be careful, you never know when i will give way to my urges ;) Sorry this grossed you out :P

  7. Voila! Another nice one. I have done that but not any more. Remember 'Titanic' where Jack teaches Rose to do that?!?!?

  8. Actually i always get the urge to Jump off tall buildings :) not in a suicidal way, but just to see if i might suddenly sprout wings in self preservation .. that's crazier than just wanting to spit ..

  9. @ketaki - thats even better in terms of causing harm to the people below ... lol