Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothin much

What is the definition of "doing nothing" ? You gotto be always doing atleast something. People have this habbit of asking "Whatsup?!" which is often followed by the reply " Nothin much.." . Why do we have this dumb ritual of whatsup? New to this "text chatting" environment, one day my friend was once asked by a girl "Whats up ? ;) " ...He was stunned for a sec or two, "what does that wink mean? ...Oh OH ! Holy shit! how the hell does she know - what-is-up ?! ...and he hastily closed all the porn windows he had open. Sigh. (Pls dont gross out - i have more to say!)

For once I would like to reply "The ceiling duh?" for a "whatsup" fired my way. I dont remember a single instance when I received a reply better than "as usual", "nothin much" or "same old routine".
These greeting are so dumb i feel that they really show how comfortable you are with the other person. Ever noticed the long awkward pause when you bumped into someone which you would have rather not liked to ? After the initial "hi"s and how-are-yous and the i-am-fine-what-about-thou always end up in long awkward pauses. If you are an onlooker you can clearly view it as a tennis match, with the thoughts swinging from one to the other. Though they are not talking you can hear them perspicuously. "What the hell I am even doing talking with him". These are the tennis matches I really love to be an audience of. It kills me!

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  1. I always shoot back: The Sky with the stars and so on . . .
    It has become rather perfunctory to ask 'Wassup.' Drives me nuts. I like the old fashioned 'Hello, how are you? How are things? etc.
    I will be guilty of cliches if I remark: Nice one! It goes without saying. Its nice that you choose to dwell on the mundane and sundry. Man of the masses who is on the other side of the air-conditioned car!!!

  2. hehe .. thanks Susan, thats very nice of you :)
    Your comments always always make me stretch my lip muscles till the point they touch my ears!

  3. Hello,

    Returning the favor from your visit at my blog.

    I liked this posting. It's all true what you said. "The ceiling" is as good a reply to that annoying 'whatsup' (and 'wassup')as any other reply.

  4. Hey thanks Hale!
    I am glad you liked it :)

  5. Wot is the problem with all u people? I think there's nothing wrong with it. All my conversations with my friend now go like this :
    Me: Hi!
    She: Hi!
    Me: So wots up ?
    She: Nothing :)!
    Me: Okay guess wot happened yest ...

    It's like objecting to saying "Hullo" when you pick up your phone. It's just good manners. We are not in the 18th century to say "Hullo" . It's so formal. We should as well say "Hi/Hey". Hows that then? I know people who say "Yeah ?" when they answer the phone..and somehow it sounds extremely rude and snappy. Hullo is very polite.
    [Just for kicks, I sometimes answer the question with the truth - eg: "I have back ache and Im gonna vomit any moment and my code is not compiling and my cell phone got stolen yesterday. Aside from those minor things, life rocks!" But of course to be said only to the people who you actually give a shit about..]