Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/9 Even Superman is confused in a Supermarket

I was at the super market. Yes its the same place where you go in to get a shaving cream and end up buying stuff which you really would never use or eat. People move there like zombies "I might need this... umm this seems interesting and new ... let me try that..." Smart guys these store people are. You wont believe there is actually a whole set of algorithms running to cluster these objects which have a high probability of getting purchased if a dependent object is purchased. They call it the WFY technique (We Fooled You).

But one thing i hate about shopping for groceries is that why the hell do they print the price so small on every product. Isnt that one of the if not the ONLY criteria for comparing the same product of varying companies ? Its like these product companies are playing some kinda game with you - "Ok customers; lets see if you find the place where the price is written, you dont deserve it if you are too lame to find it. If you find it - you win the product, only thing you will have to pay the price you just found! "

This is insane.. they should have the name of the product and the price tag - in big - on the front - sweet and simple. People strain their neck looking for the price on the bottom of a deodorant .. of all the places - the bottom of the can ?


  1. True!
    Even these soft drink bottles have the same problem. These company ppl might think that, while searching for the price, a consumer can break the product, for which they have to buy again!
    Got me?

  2. Very true re!
    I had the same thoughts! Some water bottles have their prices printed on the cap that too fudged completely!
    Hey I like your way of writing! Simple, humorous and daily stuffs!
    Am following you!

    P.S: This time God Didnt click the mouse! I did it :P

  3. Lately i am thinking of going back to our old RASHAN KI DUKAAN ishtyle....make a list,handover the shop-walla the list,while you are busy killing or chasing away all the mosquitoes and flies..your things are measured and more buying shampoo for long and thick hairs when you own short and thin hairs,no more three varieties of pasta which is never going to make it to your table of nashta,no more Tofu(ykkkk)........ok i will not torment you with my" not making sense" comment....gotta go to my superstore for shopping Thursday being my off day,i will think of you while paying the bill.

  4. @pawan - I totally get you man!

    @shruti - Thanks Shruti for your compliments :)

    @kavita - I am honored!

  5. Your writing is simple and witty. It's also thoughtprovoking. Everytime I visit these supermarkets, I have the same thoughts! Most prices are smudged and don't read clearly at all. Of course, its marketing strategy. That's clear. Keep writing!

  6. Thank you Swapna! Glad you thought its thought provoking ;) Some ppl think its utter non-sense ;)