Sunday, September 13, 2009

Women are from heaven, men are just mortals!

Disclaimer : I dont drink! I am no male chauvinist!

Seinfeld had once rightly said "What do men want? - ans: women! ". And "what do women want? - ans: we dont know"
whole aim of a mans life is to get a woman that was the reason this species was created in the first place - to find women. The ultimate destiny of a man is .........
yeah cant think of one right, here is the answer - to find a woman damn it!
It is all part of the Divine Plan. There were only women on the planet initially, men were only created so that the women could see these incapacitated creatures craving for them and soliciting to get them. And the "male dominance" and crap was created only by the astute God so that the men dont feel too miserable. But we men are so innocent that we just bask in the glory of male-dominance while the women are laughing (or rather rotflmao-ing) secretly on our foolishness.

But what do women want is still a question no man has yet found an answer to ...and probably will never find. And please dont tell me - women want men too. Thats crap .. we are everywhere, why do they keep saying i am in search of a man? - Girl! just peep out of your window you will find one!
Have you ever seen a guy straight away rejecting a woman ? No. Cause he knows his odds ..he thinks i should play safe, what if i get no other woman and i reject this girl too ! But in same situation a girl thinks .. yeah he is the perfect guy for me, but I should not make the decision so soon... what if i find someone better ? Gee, "Better than Perfect" - is it even a term !?
But beware! we men are clever too .. to forget (atleast for a while) that our aim is to get a woman we invented beer!
So now our priorities have increased by one in the below order -
1. perfect woman for life
2. beer

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  1. "DIL KO BEHLANE KE LIYE GHALIB YE KHAYAL ACCHA HAI." husband completely agrees with you,you have a new non blogger fan now...i like your style of writing,very refreshing.

  2. True!!!!! I see it now... Women are nothing but a part of Matrix :)

  3. I don't agree with the post but you know, I really admire your writing style. Its a rare combination of witty, informative and interesting. Thats a very difficult balance to achieve while blogging. So, keep writing:)

  4. @kavita - who better than your husband will understand our side ;)

    @yogesh - yeah man they are ... run for the nearest telephone booth else you will be doomed ;)

    @swapna - hey thanks Swapna! But you forgot to mention exactly which part you disagree about ? Would love to hear your side ;)


  5. Man has will, but woman has her way :P

  6. The age old truths revealed. Another voice and this time its Ajinkya's.
    No comments on this more than this.

  7. Hi!! There's a surprise for you on my blog @

    Check it out! :)


  8. i know what women want :P

    smart post :)

  9. and I passed one of the awards I got to you: see my blog :)

  10. @Naveen - very true man! thats the reason men are mortals ;)

    @Susan - ahem ahem.

    @Shilpa - thank you for the award !!

    @Sojo - Thanks for the award man !!