Friday, August 28, 2009

Pride and Prejudice of the Car Window

Have you ever looked into a car at the signal standing besides you with those tinted UV film windows? You are on your bike in the scorching heat fighting with the sun and this guy sits in the car reading some dumb business magazine - which btw for your information is just a style statement, you doesnt know a shit about whats in there, he is just skimming through the pictures in the magazine as we would do as a child through whatnot (if you know what i mean)!
It like this window separates us from the 2 worlds - the world of air-conditioners and the world of misery. Its like a wall between the cold and the hot air, a wall which separates the bald business man from the mortal common man.
And this guy sits there in his comfy seat and smiles at you - that smirk, that simper which often silently says "If only you had worked a bit harder ... you would have been on the other side of the window!"


  1. Ajinkya: Lets look at it this way. The man inside cannot take the heat outside but the one outside can manage both the sides effectively. Perspectives and people! Again, a nice one. And an aside: The world of air conditioners is artificial whereas the one outside. Hmmm.

  2. Definitely, the world of air-conditioners is the same in any corner of the earth. They seldom enjoy the natural atmosphere of the place!