Friday, September 18, 2009


Well I am in a process of extending the black strands on my head. Hair! Such a unique thing hair is ...
I always wonder, why not make a protein powder using discarded hair, after all hair is made up of 91% protein ! Damn! Now I know where all my protein consumption of the day goes. I had heard a stand up comedy sometime where the comedian right described hair, "Hair is such a beautiful thing, we dont have a problem kissing another person on the head right on his hair... but one strand of this hair if tries to set lose and land in your soup, its havoc! "There is a hair in my soup! There is a hair in my soup!" I have seen people lose their mind if they find a hair piece in their food.

I always look forward to going to a barber, cause that is the only place i get to read those crap movie magazines and have a good laugh! I bet there was a barber's conference when the business was a low in the 70's and 80's where people wouldnt care to trim their hair, every couple from behind looked like a female couple. And this conference finally came to the conclusion that dumb movie magazines was the only solution to the losing business!

My friend has an interesting take on this, he says "You should go to a new barber each time. Seeing a new customer he gives you special attension and treatment so that you come again! But once you are there for the second time he takes you for granted. So the mantra is to go to a new barber in the city every time you want a trim.. .think about it"

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  1. Ajinkya: I would like to offer another side of this. The beauty parlour. Here the atmosphere is not the least congenial. We have women who try to think a thousand times before cutting their hair sitting right there. Girls who cry saying that they don't want to cut their tresses and above all: Envy runs haywire.
    How I wish I could cut my hair at the barber's. I will for sure when I want to go bald!!! LOL

  2. Susan, i am scared to even think about what all goes on in a beauty parlor ! Ladies in large quantities at same place at a given time .. gives me goosebumps ;)

  3. That reminds me of a friend of mine who was in Germany for studies. Being a student saving money was important and getting a haircut from a barber was more than a he would go with a crew cut from India and grow his hair for a many months......later the roomies and he started trimming each others was indeed funny when he was back to India to see him in a real weird kind of haircut.

  4. @pankaja : hehe ... thats must be looking pathetic ! But you got to do these kind of things to survive :) People exaggerate sometimes that it is cheap to take a flight and come back home rather than paying for the dentists overseas !