Sunday, July 26, 2009

Partner in Crime

I always have and will respect people who are in a relationship who end up marrying,
provided they stay happy and united till the end.
Cause the odds that you will find your life partner exactly as you had expected or dreamed of infinitesimally small. Its even harder than finding a diamond in a mine - cause you can buy a diamond from a shop, but you cant buy a partner according to your specifications ! (Though lot of entrepreneurs have tried this business-model to generate pairs!)
If you want the exact stats then I will give you the exact stats

Probability of finding a right partner is { 1/(6,706,993,152 ) } *1/2*1/2
where 6,706,993,152 - population count of the world
1/2 - probability that you like the woman
1/2 - probability that the woman likes you

= 1/26827972608
~ 1/(2*10^11)

Good Lord, the odds against you are higher than the speed of light !
And let alone the fact that I have not considered the sexual alignment, that can complicate the equation a lot.


  1. Well, its not so bleak man!

    Divide the population by 2, assuming you like women and are a guy. Then you need to consider the number of people in a suitable age group. Assuming you are fairly broadminded (and don't want to do something illegal), you want to find a girl who is in the age group 18-40? Then, you probably want an Indian girl, etc, etc, and you can narrow it down with further things. See? Not too hopeless :D

  2. This is the worst case scenario man ... all the possibilities which are allowed according to the laws are considered ;)
    Even if you narrow down the domain, still the odds against you are too high man!

  3. man...that is why i never liked probability !!!

  4. Probability sucks.
    Big time. Heh.


  5. Do you think there is something like a 'right' match? Welcome to the real world where there is 'nothing right.' The best thing to follow here would be: As thy thoughts, so it shall be. So better say to yourself (I will get 'the' right one, I will get 'the' right one).

  6. :) Anyways, you will never know whether the one you end up getting was really the right one ?!
    No way to find that ..

    But my stand is that the one i get will be treated as "the right match" for me(no second thoughts!) :)