Monday, July 20, 2009

Come Shit... I mean Sit.

The best part of being an animal, (by animal i mean non-human of course) is that you get to shit while you walk! Can you imagine humans doing that ? Chee! what a site that would be!
Forget how it would look,.. for a moment just imagine yourself doing that while you are walking. Got goose bumps right?! I just saw a buffalo shitting while it was walking. It made me contemplate more than freak me out.
Maybe this was the first utility ever to mark the pathway so that you dont get lost.
(Oh Yes! Now I know why "pants" were invented... people couldnt stand the site of each other doing "this" randomly say during hand shakes, during talks, during weddings..., else why do you think pants were invented?)
I couldnt in my wildest logical reasoning senses derive how do the animals generate ample pressure to do it while they are walking. I mean, thats insane. We humans face pressure problems even though we are all focus-focus in there, sitting in one place concentrating on the task at hand. And these animals do a multi-tasking job !? Thats unfair. And plus they dont have the gravitational support either, they force things out horizontally versus humans who help things out vertically.
And there is the third kind - Dogs- who are like in between, they like the 60 deg angle pose! Some times life is cruel on humans. These things definitely make you feel miserable. After all this thing goes down as one of the five pleasures of life. And btw have you ever heard a dog, sheep, buffalo fart? Woohaaa they dont have to worry about that either. Damn.

These are true "Managers" .. cause they can manage their "Shit" !

And I bet the word "shitting" was derived from "sitting" with just an addition of an "h". The reason i feel is cause "H" symbolizes the front view of how we sit for the task and "h" symbolizes the side view of it!


  1. waah! kiti sundar lihilayas tu! ati chaan... your blog really makes the Internet a better place to live in.

  2. wow, I liked last paragraph of the 'anal'ysis !

  3. LoL! Glad you liked at least one paragraph of it ;)

  4. hmm..very well expressed the shitty feelings.. :)

  5. hmmmm...made ue shit...sorry sit...he he he

  6. LOL man LOL
    Too good.
    Never thought So much can be written on this..
    Never even thought that so much can be thought over this. :D
    N that front view and side view is just too humourous. How come u get time to think about all this sooooo Deeply? :D

  7. he has no work. no friends. and he was supposed to be studyin but the senseless cramming bored him. So he "thought deep and beautiful thoughts".
    This chum here is the next russel peters i think.

  8. @Rahil, Anto - thank you for reading this piece of shit ! ;)
    @Aaaaksh - These are the signs of a frustrated s\w engg ;) Glad you liked it!
    @Anonym - why dont you reveal yourself and then we can talk :)

  9. Well, all you have to do is take the 'h' out of it. Bwahahahahahaha. That works for me.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    Apparently they do do this, but its still not something that worries them!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow. That's actually really clever.
    The added H as the front view--HAHAH.
    Awesome possum stuff!

  12. @Lauren Thank you! Glad you liked it! Do come again :)

  13. Came across your blog on Orkut. Terrific stuff, keep blogging :)

  14. great stuff man!! totally hilarious!
    I remembered when once i had seen a buffalo squirting its urine, like a broken PMC tap for almost 2-5 minutes!! :D

  15. Haha .. They have got some real high horse power pumps inside to throw out these things!

  16. the H and h stuff was really insightful