Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Cream And Scum Of Blogging

Well blogging has become a morbid mania as such these days. People like to express themselves, they prefer writing a blog rather than maintaining a secret personal diary of events. I still remember those old day college cinema which showed the girl hiding her private diary from the hero. But not the case any more .. the sari is replaced by bum-shorts and a tending to negligible top and so is the personal diary replaced by public blogs!
I guess the new "style statement" is to reveal ... reveal whatever you can, whether its the personal events you log or the tongue piercing you have (belly ring is outmoded btw).
I still cant fathom why people share such a huge amount of their personal experiences or problems on the blog, which is mostly due to having low friend-count. The idiot box is replaced by the super-idiot-box - the com-puter.

PS: this post was to support the blog-a-ton initiative by some innovative people out there who are keeping "quality" blogging alive rather than letting it die as people write pages and pages of day-to-day life., which I feel only losers are authorized to read ;)

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are Arjuna, Saimanohar, Dhiman, Vipul Grover, Avdi, Daisy Blue, Sid 'Ravan' Kabe, Shankar, Shilpa Garg, Bharathi, Ranee, Ranee again and Pawan.Click on their respective names to read their posts on The Cream and Scum of Blogging.To be part of the next edition of this online marathon, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


  1. An interesting scummy issue u raised here.. any way thnx 4 appreciating my initiative. nd yeah visit nd start following blog-a-ton to stay updated bt more importantly 2 bcm an official member!

  2. thanks man ;)
    Sure .. will take part!

  3. Man!
    That was excellent!
    Revealing where ever possible!, this is the best part!
    I would have voted your post as the best Blog-a-ton post but you missed the chance!

    I will be following you from now on to keep a track of you!

    P.S.: I solely use blogging to express my creativity, rather than publicizing my private turn arounds!

  4. Good to know that! Its people like "you" who keep people like "us" going .. and this is what separates us from the daily-routine-dose freaks ;)

  5. Yeah. But then people write whatever they feel like. Why pass a value judgement. Nice blog :-)

  6. Exactly the point! I wrote what I felt ... no value judgment passed there! (No offense meant)

    And this was just parody, cause I couldnt write serious stuff on a humor blog ;)

    Thanks for your compliments.. appreciate it.

  7. If the parody seemed like a cruel satire, I would definitely like to see how the 'serious' would read! Blog-a-thon sure gets interesting, you see.

  8. Hehe .. it is, and whatever the next topic would be you will definitely see humor in this space of mine than anything else :) This place is meant for the lighter side of everything!
    This is just my way of looking at simple things in life ;) (that was a hell lot of philosophy in

    Cheers! I liked your blog .. its real cool!

  9. Thanks for the nice words. They do lighten up a moment. Tell me about the next blog-a-thon.

  10. Sure .. its coming in september first week..will update you on it ...
    And btw I was thinking it was blog-a-thon too for a long time, but it is blog-a-ton actually :)
    They aim to have a ton of bloggers writing on the same topic sometime!