Friday, July 3, 2009

The Chosen Ones

Ever been at a waiting queue at a hotel? There are 2 kinds of people there. One who have just eaten and are coming out ... they have a look of contempt, a pooh-pooh look, a look saying "Look at those people in the waiting queue .. dont they have anything better to do ?!" . I feel it is apt to call the people in the waiting queue as "waiters" rather than the ones who serve food... And then there is this other kind, the Second ones who are just transformed from the "waiter's " role to the guest of honor role. These are the ones whose turn is on, who are called as there is a free table. Every seen the look on these peoples' face? Its a look of "The Chosen One" - a pompous walk, a strut. Its not like they are the chosen ones to meet Penelope Cruz or something. But these little victories constitute life I guess. Everyone wants a podium to declare "I am a winner" ;)


  1. Haha .. Nice one .. There's a full 30 minute episode on this with great stand up done by Seinfeld. I think it's in Season 2 - The Chinese Restaurant .. Think you must've seen it :) Bhari aahe !

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  3. Hey yes! I remember seeing it ... The one where they end up not having dinner right ? and Elaine tries to slip in money which the manager just pockets saying 'Thank you' :D