Monday, July 6, 2009

Excretion En-light-ened

Humans emit all kinds of waste forms. Humans are like God's Cavia cobaya , God's Guinea pigs. Every time God invented a new form of matter it was tested by dumping it into a human mouth. And the results which came out decided whether that material passed or not. Humans emit all possible forms of matter. We eat every possible form, we excrete every possible form.We excrete plants, excrete animals, we excrete minerals, excrete fibers ...we egest matter in all forms - solid, liquid and our favorite- gas too ! And as a matter of fact or rather fact of matter.. we have gel coming out to - thats why we were given the organ between our temple and lips. And wax through our ears.
In one aspect we were left behind -- Light. Why did we lose the bid on light ?! Why dont we somehow emit light ?... It would have been cool to excrete that form too ! wouldnt it ?
One would go , " I have to go 'lighten' , excess light is harmful you know - as holding urine is harmful to the bladder". Now what would have been the source of outlet there ?! Maybe the omphalos (the bellybutton).

It would have been really helpful in times of darkness if one was able to excrete light as a waste product from his body. Torch would never had been invented.

Or.. or..maybe the Halo was a failed experiment of God which demonstrated the excretion of light.


  1. Why are some people called "tejasvi"? they must be eminating light :)