Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Opening

I was there -- right there - on the block again. Found myself in the same situation as yesterday. Waiting, waiting -- thinking whether today is THE day ?

Somewhere there was water, turbulent water -- water waiting to gulp down whatever comes its way. The water was angry that day my friends.
There were lot of people around, there was a real buzz of excitement in the air.

I made my last prayers - prayers Federer must have made before his Roddick encounter. Knowing the fact that you will be suspended in air in few seconds is horrendous.
The apprehension was a dire one. But this was it, i was not going to bend now under the fright. I was in a way looking forward to the flight.

Then came the moment, my feet were off the ground. I was plunged backwards in air, belly facing the sky, my body imitated an arc,feet parallel to the ground and hands making an angle of 60 -- half way through, the air felt cool, things seemed to have stopped to a stand still - am I dead ? is this how death feels ?
maybe I was in heaven !

Boom! My blissful thoughts were interrupted -- bang -- I landed. I was trembling, i went in hands first, head and torso with legs following in.
I went straight into the chasm, -- right to the bottom, I could feel the abyssal depth, my feet kissed the bottom floor.

With a spasmodic jerk my feet kicked, kick of such strength -- I was going up like a missile - like Superman used to do before his flight.

My nose throwing out blobs of air, my eyes wide shut , was it a dream or am i really dying ?! I tried to open my eyes praying it was a dream, to find to find myself in the bed -but that was not the case.
It was for real. I had stopped breathing by now. This was my last thought before my head came up and I opened my mouth like a lion's-yawn to take in air.
Was the first time air tasted this nice, so surreal.

With sore eyes I looked at my friend who had put up a grisly face. He clapped as his expression changed from 0 to 1.
Thankfully it was water -- Finally I had manged the back-dive in the pool. phew!

(I was trying that for a week...boy its difficult!)

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  1. Ultra cool. An accompanying video as proof would've been nice :P.