Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Virus

As a kid I always longed for remembering birthdays but given the fact that I was never a punctilious guy, I always ended up forgetting birth dates of dear and close. This really made me sick and then over a period of time I just evolved into a brassy guy who was taken for granted that he will forget the dates. But people didnt mind, I was let off the hook with a "never mind, thats his childhood problem, was never a memory prodigy".
And from that day my friends, the quest to end up with 365 friends begun! I want to find 365 near and dear people having distinct birth dates. The intersection of their birth dates should be a null set (cant help with the mathematical jargons).
And mind you, your girlfriend or wife should be one of these 365 people. So the day when you cant remember whom to wish a "happy birthday" today -- mate, you need to turn to your wife and greet her "happy birthday darling". Ingenious and perspicacious aint it ?! A complete solution to all the date recording problems - brb, need to go file a patent for this ;)
Just the 29th feb one will be a tricky one.
But do you see the advantages of it, you wont be bored a day after retiring. You will look forward to each new day to wish someone and to talk to someone (maybe after an year's gap when you last talked to him/her!)

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  1. This is a good idea man!
    Get out to the nearest patent office and get a patent done, who knows, the patent officer might have been born on 29th Feb!

    But seriously I liked the idea!

  2. haha ... sure thing man, but unluckily only office near me is a post office ;)
    Glad you liked it !

  3. I like the way you have tried to plan it. I mean there are 365 special people in our lives and we have remember their b'day. only problem is what if GF AND wife have the same b'day. of course i am a pig, but then what?

  4. Thats will lead to remembering the other. But I bet you will end up forgetting both and keep wondering "Damn whose was it today ?!" :D

  5. made my smile :). nice thought, though.

  6. I am honored .. I made someone smile :)