Monday, December 28, 2009


Well pockets ... trouser pockets ... every wondered why they were made ? They were created for men damn it ! How dumb are ya ?
We men need those ... why do we need those ? For no reason .. yes that is the reason - "for no reason" When we have nothing to do what do we do ? We put our hands in our pockets .. What do we do in awkward situations and awkward pauses - we put our hands in our pockets.
When we dont know how to impress a girl - yeah you guessed it right, we put our hands in our pockets showing her how cool we are! How dumb can we get ?
Our jean pockets are our best friends. With those we face no fear, we are not afraid of the silence between conversations neither the crappy social small talk we need to do to sustain in this society of yours!
And all these days you were dumb enough to think that we have pockets to keep our things, cellphone, keys, blah blah blah...
And women have their hand-bags/purses whatever you want to call those (I never know at what size the purse qualifies to be called a hand-bag ... sorry unaware of the threshold size for the promotion :( .. ) to keep their stuff.
Seldom do you see a girl in need of her jean pockets to start a conversation or a small talk ...

I guess we men are too scared that sooner or latter we will show the finger during the conversation ... hence the need ... of pockets!

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  1. sooner or latter we will show the finger
    LOL man LOL...

    and I don't know about the pockets but i totally agree with you on the Hand-Bag/ purse thing :P

  2. @Aakash - dude, ... thats implied man (the finger) ;) You dont need to say it loud :P

  3. Ajinkya: So so happy to see a post. As always you have maintained your usual spirit of satire laden with comedy. I liked the last part esp. We also use the pockets when its too cold. The hands inside keeps us warm. Hope you agree on that one :-)

    Please do keep writing. Shall look forward.

    Hope the new year is a great one for you filled with sightings that will make you write quite often.

    Joy always,

  4. @Susan - Thanks ;) Always a pleasure to hear from you ! Have a nice year ahead \m/

  5. good one dude! and fyi..jean is always!!

  6. @Shaunak - nope, you got it wrong there. "Jean" is used in both sense ... and i meant the fabric here :) This is exactly what I had checked in the dictionaries before writing :-) I knew someone would comment on it :D

  7. nice uses of pockets suggested!!!!!!!!keep it up!