Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Tag No Fag

Girls have a deep desire to put a label on whatever they can. Like relationships .. their mind goes marking people, I bet thats what they use to distinguish people rather than the appearance. They live in the Avatar world where they see labels on the avatar's forehead. Closely notice them .. they go "guy with a long nose", "bald guy", "rich guy", "clooney look alike", "poor man's Shahrukh" ... then there are tags like "just a friend" which are more devastating than the break up. Its like you never got an entry into the team which feels worse than the team leaving you out for performance reasons.

Not only this opposite sex has to tag people, they are always in search of tags for things which are not yet tagged. In a relationship, what do you think a girl means when she says "where is this thing going .. ?" She wants an answer or rather a tag to put on it "committed" or "not committed" you bastard!

Why do only girls have a single "best friend" .. Please girls do let me know what exactly do you mean by "best friend". Is there a set of questions you ask yourself OR your so called "best friend" - answering which she is officially tagged as your best friend ? I want that questionnaire too for God's sake!
Guys never have a best friend. And if you find any guy mentioning that "best-friend" tag then the odds of him not being gay are equivalent to an Indian not knowing the significance of the name "Sachin".
Never saw a guy tagging someone as he is my best friend for life! Cause we dont tag :)
What is a "best friend" anyways ? Is he/she really the best ? These days I hear girls saying "she is ONE of my best friends ?" Superlative! I cant stop laughing on these kind..


  1. Now this is very sexist, I say. Hmmm of course the percentage of girls who tag are more than boys but then jumping to a conclusion based on tags . . .

    Boys don't often exclaim that someone is their 'best friend' but they do have preferences one over the other when it comes to 'comfort zone.'

    Tell me if I am right???

    Joy always,

  2. I might be wrong .. (which has a point not not not one probability :P) but this was just my experience so far :)
    Preferences are of course there but we are talking about the quoteTAGGINGquote :)

  3. Your're so right! Gals totally love to tag!
    (And you're living upto every tag I've put on you right now - "Sexist" "Chauvinist" "Bigot".. I'm running out of words here!)

    But why is that a problem?
    Surprisingly you only complain for a certain type of tags :D .. You wouldn't sound so sour if I tagged you "Cute guy". You would grin from ear to ear if your girlfriend called you "The Best-est Boyfriend in the world" and you would surely not write this post if a hundered chicks tagged you "Hot guy"..
    Its all hypothetical ;) .. But you get it right?

    Stop complaining buddy!

  4. umm, who is complaining here ?
    No wonder, both females who have commented on this post have got it totally wrong :D