Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To SnK (read as SnK and not SrK pls!)

(This ones for Ketaki!)
My friend introduced us to his to-be-wife today. (I mean he introduced us "today" ..not his "today's wife" :P )
It was like "these are the guys you gonna have to bear with for your life now" ..I guess that was the reason we had no other girl-friends in the "meeting", so that she would have to pass the test of being the alone girl in the group .. it was all about how she copes with the pressure of we being around! (For the records - she is a sweet-heart and did alright in the test. And to top it all she hates the kkkkkkhan too .. which was a moment for celebration ..dont worry I am not going to end the post in these braces..)
It was fun for us to see who are going to be the new members of the "circle".. Fun for us but she had an expression ... God I am going to feed these guys on weekends ?! These guys will be hanging around my place .. nooooo!! (Trust me I know that expression ;)

We wanted to know everything in the first meeting itself! what she likes, dislikes, favorite movies, sports, .. in the heat of the moment I even asked her "Can you sing ?" ... I ran for all the forks on the table .. she was so gonna stab me!

Long live the two.


  1. My God Ajinkya. Your posts are revolving around women's psychology and antics a lot.

    I enjoyed the post. I have a feeling that soon you will either fall in love or get married. LOL.

    Take care. Joy always,

  2. Thanks guys!
    @Susan, I am trying to change that! but couldnt help for this post .. cause my friend is marrying a "woman" ... if only he was gay, my post would have been different from the usual trend :P
    Glad you enjoyed!