Thursday, June 17, 2010


Imagine life was a daily soap ..

(AJinkya typing .. )

T h i s

 i s

 m y

 f i r s t

 p o s t 

 a f t e r 


 o d d

 m o n t h s .....

(and you must be wondering why so many spaces between the keys typed ?! Its a daily soap damn it ....

this was a major event so director shot my typing as a slow motion sequence and rotated the camera around me showing my face from time to time and zooming in with pauses.)

I want slow motion shots in my life too where I can watch the person in front of me for 5 mins (at least!)

... And my mom wasted her energy all these years slapping me 5 times for my misdeeds!

Just one slap and the director would have taken care to rewind and show it 5 times ..

I would have loved to see the scene paused and shown from all angles when I broke the window glass and stood dumbstruck in front of my dad.

... Long silence, his face, my face

his face, my face,

his face, my face .. (3 mins passed) ...long silence (+1 min). Paaaaat! (tight slap) ... I fly in air with the impact, ... scene stopped in mid air - I have an astonished look on my face -

again ....his face, my face,

his face, my face,

his face, my face - i am in mid air, he has not budged....

.. sudden outburst, he packs a punch on my face and i fly back towards the sofa! Bang!

These soaps wont run a month if slow motion shots were not allowed. And let alone the fast forward wrap up they do if the series is asked to close down. They will show enemies becoming friends, separated

couples come together first season girlfriend comes back and marries the hero (mostly cause the lead actress has already left the soap!) ... and they happily live ever after.

And the fact that people discuss these daily soaps as real life happening is as unfathomable as the fact as to why the hell does superman wear his underwear outside his pants!


  1. good post bro :) short and crisp as always..

  2. Ha

    Slow motion app re ciati on for the post which fi nall y came.

    Joy always,

  3. lol.... i absolutely loved ur all the posts too....awesome!....cant believe ur not..umm... more famous!....genuinely hope to c u write a lot more! at least i wud read it :-)
    dis entry n d one titled 'pockets' were quite my fevretesttttt posts.
    grtt read!

  4. Thank you Sadiya :) Glad you liked it.

    Maybe you can publicize it to make me more famous ;)

    I wish I could write more!